Hypnotherapy by Debbie Hulse - Hednesford, Cannock, Staffordshire

Debbie - successfully helped to lose weight, without 'dieting'.



Steph - successfully helped to overcome medical phobias

So quite often people write 'reviews' and actually it's a business owner's friend or relative, and just words! Two years ago I was so phobic of all things medical it was ruining my life. The anxiety of medical or dental appointments was crippling. Last year I visited Debbie Hulse to beg for her help. After 6 sessions I am able to have Botox for migraines. I've had dental implants and several procedures after a close brush with cervical cancer. Today I asked a friend to video me really to show how calm I am (see video below). Three years ago I couldn’t sit in a doctor's reception without crying!

Thank you Debbie, you have changed my life!



Lynn - successfully helped to lose weight

I just wanted to thank you for your help. When I first thought about trying hypnotherapy, I didn't know what to expect. I thought I would try it after trying every diet going for over 25 years, and never really succeeding. I think I was a little sceptical at whether it would help, but after talking to you and listening, I feel that I have some control back over my eating. It is a slow journey but since I saw you first week, I have lost just over a stone in 7 weeks. I am listening to my body and taking note of when I feel full. I have also followed your recommendations and put a dress ready for me to wear that I can't get in to, but I will. I have also started exercise which I haven't done for years. I really appreciate the support you have given me as well and I will keep you up to speed as I lose my next stone.


Thanks Debbie, for helping me to get back on track!



Chris - successfully helped stop smoking after one session of clinical hypnotherapy

After smoking for 40 years tried, I have tried will power, patches, Zyban, Champix, but none of these worked. So, I decided to try hypnosis. One two hour session with Debbie & hey presto! I have not had one cigarette since 5:45 Friday the 7 August 2015! I was sceptical about it working, as you have to believe in hypnosis. I was a 9 out of 10 believer at the session and when I came out of the session and drove home, I could smell the smoke from my previous cigarette which I had smoked in my car & thought 'THIS HAS NOT WORKED!' ...But it has!

It does not bother me with other smokers around me & the big test for me was going to the pub with other smokers. I am 100% telling the truth to other people thinking of hypnosis with Debbie 'GO FOR IT!'

PS: There are apps on smart phones to give you encouragement & even keep track of how long you have stopped smoking & the money you have saved .




Gene - successfully helped stop smoking after one session of clinical hypnotherapy

I used to be a sceptic, but since having one session of hypnotherapy, it seems like I have never smoked.
I don't have cravings or even thoughts of smoking...It's absolutely brilliant!



Karen - successfully helped to lose weight

Hi Deb, I just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ again for the Hypnotherapy session. I still cannot get over how easy it was and how well it has worked! Since our first session, I have lost all interest/desire to eat between meals or even any unhealthy food at all really. I have become incredibly aware of what I eat and now notice the ‘triggers’ that caused me to over eat in the past.


Whenever I have tried dieting in the past, I have always been living in an unrealistic state – planning every meal to meet the requirements of the diet, avoiding ‘naughty’ foods, frightened of binging etc., but since our first hypnotherapy session, those things are not even on my radar. Now, I eat WHAT I want, WHEN I want – but with self-imposed, subconscious limits. I eat far less than I used to, and am always vaguely aware of the choices I am making. I never feel like I am dieting or even denying myself any food. I just have a much more healthy relationship with food.


Turning to the sessions themselves, I don’t mind admitting that I was nervous to the point of being frightened before the session! I was ‘sure’ it wouldn’t work and was very worried that I would have to con you into believing I was hypnotised, so I was astounded at how easy it was to relax and fall into that trance-like state. I have vague memories of different parts of the therapy and so thought I had been ‘under’ for perhaps 10 minutes. Imagine my surprise when I realised it was much, much longer!I I came away from the session still thinking ‘This will never work’ (and that is a reflection on my dieting success(es) over nearly 30 years, rather than your prodigious skills!) so was actually shocked to find myself taking much smaller portions, rejecting take aways and fast food and now going to the gym at least 3 nights a week.


I have tried ‘giving up’ but it seems that I am now committed to eating healthier and thus losing weight. I would recommend Debbie to anyone who is thinking about hypnotherapy. She was a complete professional with excellent clinical skills and a fabulous private, discreet nature.



Elaine - successfully helped to quit smoking

The first time I went to Debbie for hypnotherapy I was open minded but not an actual " believer" ..... I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for four years, I take medication etc but the pain at times is unbearable. Debbie taught me how to relax my body and minimise the pain .... I cannot thank her enough as the relief has made a huge impact on my life, I can now actually sleep ! As the pain relief was so successful, I asked Debbie to see me regarding smoking cessation .... I have been a smoker for nearly forty years, the only times I stopped was when I was pregnant, then I went back on to the cigarettes once the babies were born, and I smoked a packet of cigarettes each day ... thanks again to Debbie, I am NO LONGER A SMOKER !!!!! ..... think my next visit will be to stop biting my nails, as I have had this repulsive habit since I was a child ...... I cannot recommend her highly enough, and wouldn't hesitate in visiting her again, many thanks Debbie.



Toni - successfully helped to lose weight

After years of yo-yo dieting and fast approaching 50, I thought it was about time I took control of my eating habits. Having heard about hypnotherapy as an alternative to ‘dieting’, I couldn’t see the harm in trying it. ‘What have I got to lose? My weight, that’s what!’ I thought. After only 2 sessions out of the 3 discussed with Deb Hulse, I have managed to lose just over 2 lbs a week. That’s 6.5 lbs over the 3 weeks after my first session! Whoop! Whoop! Thanks Deb.



Karen - successfully helped to boost self confidence

Eight years ago I had a major operation which turned my world upside down. It made me very self conscious, knocked my self esteem and confidence & I couldn't cope with social situations. I put weight on and become so fed up with myself. After my major op I sought counselling to help to come to terms with how I saw myself, but I still felt self conscious and extremely down. I decided to see Deb for hypnotherapy as I wanted to lose weight. However, Deb helped me do much more than that ... she has given me the confidence to believe in myself and now I have come to terms with my operation I'm happy with who I am ... Looking forward to losing weight and I know I will do it as now I'm in control of my life once more... Thanks Deb x



Anonymous - successfully helped overcome horse riding fear

Three years ago this April I had a riding accident which resulted in a cracked vertebrae in my lower back. Thanks to the Q.E hospital I am now fully recovered with the assistance of six titanium pins in my spine. That covers my physical wellbeing but mentally it has been a different story.


I was determined to keep riding although not an experienced rider. I thought that regular riding lessons and practise would soon get my confidence back. I owned the horse that threw me off but sold him and bought an older, quieter mare and was all set to continue with my hobby.


No matter what I did, how often I rode, I could not shake the grip of panic and fear that took hold of me at the mere thought of riding. Riding became an endurance to be suffered; instead of a pleasure. My insides would churn and I would feel physically sick before mounting up. I forced myself to ride sometimes almost praying for the lesson to end. The relief at getting off was enormous. My concern was I was not getting over my fear. It stayed with me regardless.


Earlier this year my instructor told me my riding was fine, that my problems were in my head. She mentioned hypnotherapy.


I was at my wits end and willing to try anything. I contacted Debbie and she listened to my concerns. She said she would try to help me and I attended three sessions over the following four weeks.


The results have been wonderful!!! It didn't happen overnight but I found myself becoming more relaxed and in control. The results have been noticed by my instructor who can't believe the change in me.


The ultimate test for myself was whether I could take my horse into the school and ride solo, totally alone, no-one with me. ( I was alone when the accident happened )


I have now conquered this fear and ridden solo on several occasions. Each time the feeling of achievement gets better and better. The horse is more responsive because I am more relaxed and confident. I've done it and I feel fantastic.


The hypnotherapy as given me my confidence back . I am enjoying riding again instead of being crippled with fear. Hypnotherapy has certainly made a huge difference to my life.


Thanks Debbie for giving me my hobby back.




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